Western Spirit Ranches is a hunting club that sells annual memberships. Gold memberships are leveled in price and bird credits to accommodate the more frequent hunters as well as the hunter who only gets out a few times a year.

Gold Membership

COST: $2500.00/year
* memberships are good for one-year from date of purchase.

BIRD CREDITS: 75 Planted Birds
Extra birds may be purchased for $32.00 each with membership
GUESTS: Up to 4 per hunt
BIRD PLANT: (per hunt) One hunter (10), Two hunters (15), Three hunters (20) Four hunters (25) More upon request.

NOTE: WSR will plant the minimum amount of birds as stated above and charge that amount against member’s bird credit account. If two or members hunt together, the amount charged against the member’s bird credits will be divided equally unless otherwise stated

MAXIMUM HUNTS: GUIDE and Dog Costs: $150.00 per guided hunt * Cleaning and Packaging included

Lodge Amenities include drinks and snacks * Lunch available upon request  ($20.00 each, minimum of 4 people)

NOTE: Memberships are good for one-year from sign on date. Credits cannot be carried over and will expire after one year.